Coin Offering


Oct.25 2017

Round One

Start of first round of Coin Offering

Jan.17 2018

Round Two

Start of second round of Coin Offering

Apr.18 2018

Round Three

Start of third round of Coin Offering

Jul.11 2018

Round Four

Start of fourth round of Coin Offering

Oct.8 2018


Start converting OFCs into ONE

The informational phase of the Coin Offering is about to end. SILO Capital Group was appointed to manage the operations related to the Coin Offering from Q4 2017.

The involvement of Golden Gate Investments will be limited, supervising the communication activities of the Coin Offering.

The registration for the Coin Offering will be open latest in Q1 2018.

The structure of the Coin Offering and the Token Model will be described in the White Paper, published in Q1 2018.


  • packages_ICO-01

    1 500 OFC

    150 EUR

  • packages_ICO-01

    20 000 OFC

    1 100 EUR

  • packages_ICO-01

    100 000 OFC

    5 500 EUR

  • packages_ICO-01

    300 000 OFC

    11 000 EUR

About one

ONE is cryptographically secure, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that allows for instant and cost saving payments. Its global accessibility and finite number of 120 billion ONEs make the coin one of the biggest reserve currencies worldwide. To ensure its global usage, OneCoin continues to expand its ecosystem of products and services, utilizing the coin for both users and merchants.


Global Access

OneCoin users can make instant payments and cross-border money transfers.

Unique Ecosystem

OneCoin is dedicated to establish a coin suitable for mass-market usage, globally


The coin has low volatility and is not affected by inflation


OneCoin is transparent and secure, maintaining a continuously updating digital ledger of all transactions

Instant Transactions

In line with its vision, OneCoin offers cross border payments and remittances at a low cost thus increasing financial inclusion and transparency, and saving time


Based on cryptography, OneCoin cryptocurrency is safe and difficult to counterfeit. The ongoing data-backups performed by the company guarantee that there is no risk of stolen coins


The OneCoin blockchain can handle millions of user accounts. It has the capacity to process cross-border global payments and the capability to make unbounded transaction processing. The private management of the blockchain keeps the storage costs under control and prevents possible scalability issues that usually pertain to public blockchains

KYC & AML Compliant

The OneCoin blockchain does not allow anonymous transactions. The KYC (know-your-customer) information of users is stored directly in the blockchain. The KYC process provides additional monitoring on possible violations of the AML and CFT regulations


Because the company performs ongoing data-backups, there is no risk of lost coins due to, for example, malfunction of the user’s hardware or theft of coins

Merchant Appropriated

With its low volatility, global access, cost efficiency and mass market suitability, ONE is uniquely suited for merchants willing to use safe and stable cryptocurrency


Coin Offering is relatively new mechanism, typical for block-chain companies, enabling this new type of business units to boost their activity. Currently, there is no unified, commonly accepted legal definition for the ICO process. The participants in such projects refer to the distribution of "tokens" in various ways.

Currently ICO risks can be linked to the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, more specifically being a new instrument, the lack of regulations, the possibility of market manipulation, the price volatility of the token, the anonymity of token buyers, nontransparent valuation, low liquidity, etc.

Because of the dynamic developments as well as the high degree of uncertainty and volatility in the sector, regulations are following the practical implementation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The rapidly developing sector may suddenly become a subject to statutory and regulatory requirements, which may potentially alter the business;

In addition, having in mind the relatively recent rise of this market, the unpredictability of the future economic conditions may have significant impact on the success of any coin offering in general.

When going public, traditional companies choose the way of an IPO to raise additional funding for development of the company or new investments. Contrary to traditional companies, cryptocurrencies are newly introduced and very specific.For example, no matter that only part of the coins can be distributed currently, coin holders actually have a “share” of the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

To accommodate the specifics of cryptocurrencies and the companies offering them, the markets have come up with cryptocurrency specific fundraising processes – the so called ICOs.

Earlier this year Venturebeat announced that until the third quarter of 2017, ICOs raised over $1.3 billion. The same source wrote that from 2014 to the end of 2016, a total of $295 million was raised by blockchain-based companies in ICOs.

OneCoin cryptocurrency, being one of the first movers on the market and one of the biggest global cryptocurrencies, has distributed already part of its coins to users. With the launch of DealShaker in 2017, the coins were commercially utilized by merchants and buyers that joined the platform. The Coin Offering therefore offers a coin that is much more advanced than the majority of new coins currently offered on the market.

The Coin Offering will start on October 25, 2017. There will be 4 rounds in all with start dates: 25 October 2017, 17 January 2018, 18 April 2018 and 11 July 2018. The closer to October 8, 2018 the less OFC will be offered with each package. Early participants will benefit most.

The token is called OFC.

On October 8, 2018 all participants that own OFCs will be able to convert them into coins. That means that OneCoin cryptocurrency will become open for the public; second, that people who hold OFCs will be able to convert them for OneCoin cryptocurrency; access to OneCoin will not be limited only through access to existing network. In its narrow meaning the present offering is not an "initial coin offering" in its traditional sense, but the coin opening to the public available to all who wish to acquire the coin outside the OneLife Network. A huge advantage of the this approach is the already established global user base, the strong, recognizable brand and the platform to use the coin.

Any individual and/or entity covering the eligibility criteria set can participate in the Coin Offering.

To register for the Coin Offering and receive OFCs, please go to and click Sign In or Join. Then follow the steps of the registration process. Please select whether you prefer to participate as a company or an individual – depending on your choice you will be asked to submit the relevant KYC/KYB information.

During the registration process you will be asked to select a package with which you would like to participate in the Coin Offering. You will also be required to provide KYC information and documentation if you participate as individual. If you choose to participate as company, you will be asked to provide both KYC and KYB information and documentation.

The persons filling in company information should be aware that they will have to point out their relationship with the company and be its representative, e.g. UBO (Ultimate Beneficiary Owner), Legal Representative or Registered Secretary.

Upon registration Companies and Individuals create an Account. To check it, Account users will have to login to, where they will be able to see their KYC/KYB status, check payments, update the information provided, etc.

The respective packages on show the number of OFCs contained in each one of them. There are no limitations related to the purchase of packages.